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Third chapter
Golden thread
"Sewed with golden thread are the lies of the past. One may try to cut them, but they are too tangled to be broken by an inexperienced hand. I knew I was doomed to fall for it the second I looked in those unearthly eyes."-E.B., “The misery of the man who knew too much”
Ichigo's POV:

The sunlight that invaded my bedroom early in the morning was no longer shining brightly upon the huge city of New York, instead of that, thick grey clouds jammed on the blue sky dangerously, rolling into one another and the wind started to blow harshly. Strange, I couldn't recall the weatherman saying anything about rainy, windy weather the day before at the TV. Tossing that aside, I got into Shirosaki's car, a beautiful black Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I, clad in beige leather in the interior, while it emanated an intense scent of cigarettes and musk. I sat on the passenger seat, glad that I entered the car and escaped the merciless wind that howled through tall, imposing skyscrapers. Shirosaki followed me after his long, slim fingers pushed the car's door effortlessly in order to close it. If I had been a chick, I would have been flattered beyond belief, but given the circumstances, I wasn't. I assure you. As soon as he got into the car, he turned on the music and for some reason God chose to punish me with rock- the music genre that made my heart dance, if not head-bang. Kidding. I frowned deeply, but in the end decided not to ask him to change the music, so I leaned on the door and rested my head on my relatively cold palm.

"Bored, Ichi?" I immediately turned to face him, giving him one of my best glares. Seriously, why couldn't I get people to understand that I hated nicknames with a raging passion? "What?"

"Don't call me Ichi," I mumbled keeping my nasty stare, but instead of an apology, a loud, sickening laughter escaped his lips and he sped up, slaloming through cars like he had been doing that all his life. "What the flipping hell are you doing? Are you trying to get us arrested? Or even worse. Killed?" I asked, adrenaline rushing through my veins, thinking that I didn't even need my morning my morning coffee anymore because of him.

"Ye wish so!" his reply didn't make any sense and all I could do was hang on tight so I wouldn't hurt myself. This guy drove awfully, sloppy and like the devil himself was after us.

"Slow the fuck down!" I yelled thinking that maybe I could knock some sense into him. Naay.

"Yer no fun!" he argued and I felt the intense urge to punch him, but I refrained thinking it wouldn't be a great idea to punch the driver. He was going to pay for it later. The car stopped abruptly and for a second I thought I was going to learn how to fly through the window, but gladly my seatbelt prevented me from doing so. I will treasure seatbelts forever! "Fuckin' red!" he muttered glaring at the traffic lights.

"What’s gotten into you?” I snapped, but he only chuckled at my sudden outburst. I was really starting to think this guy was either crazy or he was doing it on a purpose. Maybe it was his way of getting revenge for my having his shirt. “You’re nuts,” I informed him and he grinned at me.

“I’ve been told that before,” he stated and started driving again at the same speed. I really wanted to get off that car. I didn’t believe in God nor did I believe in the devil, but right then I would have prayed to whoever was willing to listen to my prayers and do something to help me. I squeezed my eyes shut trying not to think about it. I didn’t like the speed. I felt no need for it. I was a calm person…So then why was my heart beating so fast in my chest? Was I afraid? “We’re here,” he announced as he stopped the car.

“Where are we?” I asked puzzled since I didn’t know that part of New York.

“I thought ya’d like ta go visit the museum. If ya don’t feel like it, then we can go elsewhere. I heard they have a new exhibition, something about a painter ‘n’ it just sounded right ta take ya there,” he explained and I found myself nodding. “Good,” he said and grinned victoriously. For some reason this guy grinned a lot. Doesn’t his face hurt for pulling that off so often?

“How did you know I like museums?” I asked as we were climbing up the stairs. He was a bit ahead of me and he turned to look at me with his black and golden eyes and I stopped walking. He was staring at me so intently I could practically hear the blood pumping through the smallest of my veins. It should be a crime to have eyes like that; it should be a sin to be able to captivate someone just by shamelessly staring at them. To say that I wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation was an understatement. I absolutely mortified.

“Lucky guess,” he said in a casual tone and turned his back at me. Great, now he thought I was a freak. But it was his fault for staring at me like that! I mean what straight guy would look at you like he’s trying to pierce you with his fucking gaze? I followed him in silence and I suddenly realized that maybe it hadn’t been too smart of me to agree with his crazy offer. Neighbour or not, he still could’ve been a psychopath.

The building was large and had many floors; I didn’t even bother to count them. At the entrance we were greeted by the security guard who studied Shirosaki from head to toe and nodded lightly in his direction. We didn’t stop at the cashier and I frowned, but I didn’t ask any question. I don’t think I wanted to know the answer anyway. The pale male had an imposing aura with his dark suit and dark red tie. His shiny black shoes echoed in the hallways of the almost empty museum. He didn’t seem fazed by it, expressionless and calm; he looked like a god who gracefully paced in his temple. A being that time seemed to forget, a being that didn’t even spare a glance in the direction of humans. Immortal and as old as the world, he seemed to know every secret in the world. I followed him silently, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something off about it.

Shirosaki stopped in front of a painting and because I wasn’t really paying attention, I bumped into him. He caught me by my arm and helped me regain balance without saying a word. I mentally thanked him for not saying anything. I turned to look at the painting too, wondering what caught his attention in such a way to make him stop in front of it. Up until that moment, he’d been passing every single one of them. The colours were dark and rich and they portrayed a man with sky blue eyes and shoulder length ebony hair. He wore a dark cloth, presumably a cloak, and underneath he wore an ocean blue shirt with delicate golden patterns sewed on its margins. He had long bony fingers and a massive ring with a sapphire rested on his middle finger. His skin was abnormally pale, as if made of paper; almost transparent. I swear I could distinguish small veins near his eerie eyes. Those two blue orbs were so intense, the painting almost felt real. I even stepped back, slightly afraid that the man would just reach his hand out for me. One of his hands, the one with the ring, rested on his dark clad knee. The other one held a dark long can with the head of a wolf on top of it. He was sitting on a dark brown chair and the background was a dark green with golden shades. His lips were slightly curled into a smile, but his eyes were colder than ice.

“It’s beautiful,” I murmured not daring to speak louder in case the man in the painting decided to actually go for my throat.

“Ain’t he?” he asked without looking at me and I turned my head to give him a confused stare. I clenched my jaw and said nothing. I don’t know where he was getting at, but I didn’t like the way he was asking- all knowledgeable and confident. Maybe I was reading too much into it, but somehow it didn’t feel like that.

“Maybe,” I said and he started walking again. I followed him throwing quick glances at each painting we passed. “Why is it so empty? It’s not even too early and I thought that the new exhibition would attract more people?” I asked suddenly. Maybe I was being paranoid, but somehow it was oddly empty for such a day.

“The grand event was yesterday, actually. Now most of those who were interested are home or elsewhere. The exhibition lasts for three days in order ta grant those interested in such things time ta properly see it. Most of them went yesterday, but I ain’t a man of crowds. I like ta have my privacy, yanno?” I nodded. At least this was a thing we could both agree on. We turned left and entered a large rooms filled with different paintings. There were so many! And it seemed that we weren’t the only ones who decided to look at them. The other person turned around and I froze in place.

“Kon?!” my voice trembled and he gave a sad smile, his brown eyes half closed. The faint rays of sunlight fell on him, making him look like a broken innocent ethereal being. Like a delicate dove who had an injured wing. I watched him from the shadow, where the sunlight didn’t reach me with Shirosaki next to me. My eyes widened in surprise, but I didn’t step further. “What are you doing here?” the words left my mouth in almost a whisper.

To be continued…


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Rock (Alternative rock,Thrash metal..I don't listen to Black metal or anything that has screams or too depressive stuff).

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Other than this I listen to guitar, piano, violin, bouzouki instrumentals, as well as some songs with certain thematic like French, Scottish, Celtic, Spanish, Japanese etc. instrumentals.

The fandom that certainly destroyed my social life: BBC Sherlock.

So my fandoms:
BBC Sherlock

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Ao no Exorcist
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Stark Trek: Into the Darkness (Dat Benedict *arr*)
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The Vampire Diaries(I've read the books before watching it and I watched it before being popular and stuff.)

I hate Twilight (sorry for any Twilight fan out there). But seriously,I just can't. Edward's such a softie and he sparkles. I'm more into vampires like Lestat.

WARNING: I am a YAOI fangirl and if you don't like this stuff don't come here and comment sh*t. Moreover I won't even start an argument with you nor will I get annoyed, cuz I am that indifferent. :) However, if you like YAOI, then welcome :D


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